Welcome at AYAHODA Handmade – Art Studio. We are a hand producer of  Handknitted on needles, highest quality Luxury Women Sweaters, Cardigans and Czech real glass women Jewelry, Necklaces. Our art products are timeless, each cardigan is a unique, original piece. We knit also custom made, tailored made unique women cardigans, sweaters. AYAHODA Handmade products are for Elegant Women, Successful Business Women or Office Women. Our luxury handmade women cardigans are just for some ladies, while our handmade Czech glass necklaces, jewelry is made so that every woman can afford it.
We do not show here all our products, and consumer prices of handmade necklaces, jewelry because we sell it only to retailers, boutiques, elegant women shops, direct selling ladies, worldwide. 
We are still looking for new retailers, to supply. If you are interested - pls. contact me. Jana Yahoda

Handmade luxury women sweaters, cardigans

Czech Glass Bead Necklaces-to neck