Ayahoda Handmade Designed Business Women sweater

AYAHODA Designed Handmade Luxury Women Knitwear, Sweaters, Cardigans, Business and Business Casual Knitwear, Cardigans.

I mostly design handmade sweaters, cardigans for successful women, Business women, Elegant women. Our AYAHODA hand knitted knitwear on needles, especially luxury lacy cardigans are suitable for Business Dress Code and Business Casual Dress Code.

This is due to my over 15 years experience as Corporate Top Executive Manager, where I hand knitted my Business Casual knitwear, cardigans and made my necklaces.

AYAHODA designed women knitwear is for every woman who is looking for unique knitwear, eye catchy, elegant, longlasting, in highest quality of hand knit and yarns.

We show here only few designs of our women handknit knitwear, which every woman can afford. Others we sell through Retail stores, special women wear boutiques, or directly to customers as tailored made.

We offer AYAHODA Handmade Designed Women Hand Knit Knitwear:

Ready made women knitwear- for immediate order, sale

  • I design and hand knit ready handmade women sweaters, cardigans

Custom made, tailored made women knitwear:

  • Customer can choose some of our designs and let us know what size and what color she wants – and it would be handknitted for Her
  • I draw and handknit unique designs for Business Women, per order, custom made which would highlight their personality or even suits to special event. For Business dress code or Business Casual dress code
  • I draw and handknit designs of women knitwear, sweaters, cardigans per boutique´s request

AYAHODA Handmade Designed Luxury Women Cardigans, women knitwear are:

When customers and people see our hand knitted women Cardigans in reality, they are blown away by the quality of the handwork. All the stitches are just like one like another. It is a handwork on needles, crocheted with hook, every stitch carefully watched on paper pattern grid. One cardigan is 1 month of work.

AYAHODA designs, our women Cardigans are pieces of art, you would not find 2 same.

I started handknitting at 1966 – 6 years old – learned 1st from my mom. I invented few things to make handknit women cardigans even nicer.  One AYAHODA Handmade women cardigan, tailored made, is aprox. 1 month of work. Depends on patterns complexity and yarn thickness. The thinner the yarn and more complex the pattern, the longer time of hand knitting.

I handknit for fun and some money, not interested in large quantities of the same types.

We are a Fair trade and hate Animals cruelty

We are always looking for high quality of yarns and fair trade suppliers, We love animals so we try (you can never be 100% sure) that the yarns come from well treated animals.
We are a Fair trade, if we have more orders and have to ask our well trained ladies to help us with hand knitting we always pay them nice, interesting, fair price, due to country average salary.

AYAHODA Handmade women sweaters, cardigans are longlasting.

I invented special yarn treatment. Every yarn ball from the supplier is treated before we start to hand knit. Some of you may have experienced, that you bought a quite expensive women sweater and after first wash it totally changed the shape. If you would follow our instructions, our AYAHODA Handmade knitwear will last many years not changed.

I have one of my AYAHODA business cardigan already over 12 years and it still looks great.

Unique, Special Gift for Your Wife, Spouse, Mother, Daughter.

Not only women, but also men, husbands, Business Executives, order as a present for their wives, for some special occasions, anniversary, birthday, wedding, etc. our AYAHODA Handmade Women Knitwear. We will give you an easy guidence how to get us the dimensions without your loved one knowing it.

If you are interested in our unique sweaters, cardigans, or have a question, just let us know on email ayahodaart@gmail.com

Jana & Michaela

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