AYAHODA Handmade, Designed, High Quality, Czech Real Glass and Crystal Women Jewelry Necklaces.

In our AYAHODA Handmade Art Studio, we design and hand make unique women jewelry, mainly necklaces, less bracelets. Highest quality is a must for us. We are unique designed women glass beaded jewelry hand producer.

Our main focus is on one row necklaces. I started to make them in 1992 for myself to fit in with my women executive corporate business suits, later also for sale, first only to business women, executives, women top managers, office ladies.

You can see bellow a photo how I started to design and hand craft our glass jewelry many years ago, on well known bead design board. Later I invented myself much better and practical one which I cannot show here because of competition.

After few years of sales it became obvios that nearly every women like our AYAHODA Handmade Czech Real Glass Jewelry, every woman, not just office ladies, but also cool teens, chic ladies, etc. can find in our designs some which she likes.

The shine that lasts for decades

We handmake jewelry in the highest quality, not cheap and poor quality. Our AYAHODA jewelry can be inherited, it would stay the same for many years. Our jewelry has a few extra benefits, by which we can always recognize our jewelry among others.

Personally I do not like to buy cheap plastic or fake glass jewelry from esp. Asia which loose the shine soon, chains are health questionable, getting soon grey or black. I made sometimes this mistake and had to throw it away soon. Problem is that sometimes I can see in the stores that this type of beaded jewelry is not even cheap, but many people probably do not recognize that it is a fake jewelry.

Czech glass with hundreds years of history

I like quality and real glass, shining Czech beads which last forever.

Czech production of real glass beads has hundreds years of history, started in times of Roman Empire.

I have some Czech real glass beaded necklaces from my mum and now, nearly 30 years later they are the same, beautiful. So we handmake at the same quality.

I do buy personally varios Czech real glass beads from well known Czech production companies and also individuals who make them even semi handmade or handmade.

The metal parts are also from Czech company that has to declare according to EU law that they sell health-safe quality metal parts.

Our AYAHODA Handmade, unique designed Czech real glass jewelry necklaces are also nice gifts for Her. For daugther, mum, spouse, fiance.

Here at the website you can see only some designs, others are sold through retail stores, shops worldwide.
Unfortunately today’s cameras or cell phones are still not able to make such a picture of our jewelry to see the different shapes of beads, their shine – or I don´t know how to do it :-). Our glass jewelry is 100% more beautiful if you see it in reality.

We are preferably Retail stores Supplier worldwide, but we show here some of our AYAHODA Handmade Jewelry designs (and knitwear) for direct online sale.

If you own a retail store, women fashion shop, boutique or nice convenience store and you are thinking of possibly selling our AYAHODA Handmade jewelry or knitwear, please let me know on email [email protected] We have of course special offers  for Retail stores.

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Jana Yahoda

AYAHODA Handmade – Art Studio
Jana Yahoda
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