Ayahoda Handmade Glass Beaded Bracelets Retail Supplier

AYAHODA Handmade Czech Glass Beaded Bracelets.

Here you can see on the picture just few of our Ayahoda designs of women Czech Glass Beaded Bracelets.
We do not offer and sell them in this eshop, because the postage would be expensive due to the price of the bracelet.

So we sell our Ayahoda Czech Glass Beaded Bracelets only through Retail stores.
AYAHODA Handmade Art Studio is Primarily Retail Supplier.

We make them on quality elastic string. It is practical, easy to wear on and off. 
Even when I (Jana) was a corporate CEO Executive, I preferred elastic string. Of course I bought abroad some with closings, but I think every woman faced the struggling to close the bracelet by herself, especially when being in a hurry.
But yes, we can make bracelets also with closings as necklaces, but only due to customer´s order requirement.

AYAHODA Handmade Art Studio – we offer and supply Retail stores with :
Ayahoda Handmade Designed Czech Glass Beaded Jewelry
Ayahoda Handmade Designed Women Sweaters, Cardigans

….to be more specific:
– Ayahoda designed Czech Glass Beaded Necklaces
– Ayahoda designed Hand Knitted Women Sweaters, Cardigans
– Ayahoda color to color sets of designed women cardigans + necklaces + bracelets
– Sets of color to color Ayahoda designed women necklaces + quality imported shawls
– Ayahoda designed women Czech Glass Beaded Bracelets
– Sets of Ayahoda designed women Sets of Necklaces + Bracelets

We are Art Studio, family business, mother & daughter, open and flexible to specific Retail stores requirements. We have the experience of international business, so you can rely on our services and professional behavior. We can handmake also larger quantities, but we have to get the order in time.

If you are interested in our products, or have any further questions, do not hesitate and write us an email on [email protected]  or  [email protected]

Looking forward to our cooperation.

Jana + Michaela

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