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Help Dogs with AYAHODA Handmade Art Studio

Lets Help Dogs in Shelters in Czech Republic, where I currently live.
We would appreciate Your Help so that we can support more Dog Shelters.

We love Dogs  – me and my daughter.
Having at home always two dogs, they are members of our family, friends, kids, bodyguards. We had grey schneutzers and airdales. Now I have at home airdale Jeff and a shelter mix Eddie as you see photo below (German shepherd in love with spitz – who would be normally killed in SR)

Since 2019 – 7% of Ayahoda selling price with VAT from any type of our product we sell – goes to Help Dogs in Shelters with Ayahoda.
And if you order any of our products at the minimum value of 100 USD and more, we would give you as a gift in Czech Republic handmade, quality one Dog brooch, gold or silver color. You can choose during the order if you wish gold or silver color. Sorry, but we cannot produce in small amounts all types of dog breeds to send you the one you have at home.

In reality we would spend more money, because of our time to travel and negotiate with dog shelters, buying the blankets, treats, toys, negotiating the prices, etc. But due to Czech legal – we can add in our accounting only a value of the pure donation – prices of the products.
If you do not want to buy any of our offered AYAHODA Handmade products, but you would like to support our activity in Help Dogs with Ayahoda, you can choose in our eshop just the Help Dogs with Ayahoda brooch and buy it. In that case we would spend 40% of the price on Help Dogs. The rest are the cost, bank charges..

I think that each of us is able to do something good for the nature and those who cannot help themselves.
Even a small drop of help is a help for the future of this planet, nature, flora, fauna and our children
I do not like people focused only to build their wealth even they destroy the nature, animals…just for their greed. Also some companies, who are hypocritical, having logos like being Green, Sustainable, sending tiny money as donations, but on the other hand they destroy nature, animals, having huge palm tree plantations, etc. The profit and greed is No. 1 no matter what the future of the planet would be.

I and my daughter, we love nature, protect animals, birds and every year (more than 10 years) we buy and support from our own money few dog shelters with dog treats and especially with warm blankets.
The dogs are mostly in outside kennels, but the temperature during the winters in Czech Republic are up to minus 15-25°C (up to 2- minus 18°F).
Those of you who love dogs, have your own dogs at home, you know that it depends on certain breed and their fur, some are OK with winter frost other suffer and can even die. There are also many older dogs, unwanted, who spend rest of their lives in the shelters.

In Czech Republic there are many dogs, it is said that every second family have a dog pet. Positive is that Czechs in majority do not eat dogs. Negative is that the good law to protect animals from bad treatment or torture is still missing. The punishments if they find those bastards are ridicilous or none.
There are many shelters, mostly dependent on state subsidies and people donations. They certainly do not have such money and conditions as in Western, developed countries.

We never give any cash money to dog shelters, because we cannot be sure what will happen with it – unfortunately people in this country steal a lot and nearly everything what you can imagine (as I can compare due to my living in other countries and travel). That is why we choose dog shelters and we write something on the warm blankets to avoid their resale.

If this project will run well, then we have a next dream, second idea regarding dogs from the shelters.
Well, for now we would see if this our 1st idea – Help Dogs in Shelters with Ayahoda – would succeed.

We give treats and warm blankets to the chosen dog shelters in the autumns Sept. – Nov. – and we would place photos on AyahodaArt Instagram, Facebook and this website blog. So you can see where the money went, how many dogs got a present from us.

Would You join us in Help Dogs in Shelters with Ayahoda?

Jana Yahoda & Michaela
below our boys Airdale Jeff & Shelter mix Eddie

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