Ayahoda Small Wild Birds and Dogs in Shelters Help

AYAHODA Help Dogs in Shelters and Small Wild Birds.

We are Nature lovers, Nature savers  – me and my daughter.
Having at home always two dogs, as members of our family, friends, kids, bodyguards.
We respect and help the nature as we can – live less consuming, sorting waste, grow some food in our garden, save frogs, help birds, help small hedgehogs before winter, etc.
We do our activities so far in Czech Republic (right side from Germany) – center of the Europe, where I live now. My daughter moved recently into Spain. 
I would be happy if we can motivate more people to help our nature.

AYAHODA Dogs in Shelters Help
Every year I go to some Dog Shelters to bring them what they need especially for old and ill dogs, that nobody wants to take. In Czech R. are severe winters and the old dogs are mostly in wooden kennels in outdoor cages, when the temperature during the winters are up to minus 15-25°C (up to 2- minus 18°F).We offer them warm blankets, but some do not want them because they do not want to take care of teh blankets. So its our job to deal with it.

In 2019 I found out that majority of Dogs Shelters get state subsidies and they are not in such a need as before.
I would still go every year to some Dogs Shelters who want our help, but less.
So I made my research in 2019 and decided that we would add another Nature Flora Help since 2020 – fully in our hands.

AYAHODA Small Wild Birds Help
They are diminishing fast, especially those small ones. Because of many cats, dogs, predators, but mostly poisenous herbicides on the fields, which also leads to less insects, less bushes to hide their nests and new borns. It is recommended to help feed small wild birds all the year, not just during the winter.

As a master handkintter I invented during 2019 a special crocheted cover from natural cotton (no harm for the nature) for the Fat balls with nuts and seeds for the birds which we can buy at stores. I made 7 prototypes tested by small wild birds in our garden, till got the final.
We would sell our AYAHODA Small Wild Birds feeders to public and also hang them filled with fat, black cunflower seeds and nuts for free in the nature of CZ, where anyone could fill them with new balls not just we. I included it into our social media.

Whenever you buy any of our AYAHODA Handmade products – 7% od Ayahoda selling price will go to our nature activities – AYAHODA Small Wild Birds & Dogs Help.

I think that each of us, who respect the nature, care about our children, next generations – should do something good for the nature and those who cannot help themselves – because of some people´s endless greed.

Even a small drop of help is a help for the future of this planet. The more we are the better for our future. Some kinds of small birds also fly before the winter into warmer countries.

If you would like some of our products, buy them, enjoy them – have in your mind that you also helped some Birds or Dogs.

Jana Yahoda & Michaela
below our boys Airdale Jeff & Shelter mix Eddie who was saved not to be killed in Slovak Rep.

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