Ayahoda Handmade Designed women sweaters cardigans how to order

How to order Ayahoda Handmade sweaters, cardigans the best way.

How to Order Ayahoda Handmade Women Knitwear, Sweaters, Cardigans.
So far we had no claims, and we would like it to continue as much as possible.
Satisfaction of our customers is a No. 1 for us.
Nobody wants a hassle of sending products there and back worldwide.

After many years of my experience –
I suggest, please do this, before you place an order of our knitwear.
Each sweater has international Size – US and German – but I recommend to check the dimensions too.
As you see the picture above we write 2 dimensions of each sweater
Length – from arm to bottom
Width – under arms around the body

Some like sweaters to be more loose, some like them more tight to the body – and that is why I am writing about these two dimensions.

Note – Sweater Width dimension should be mostly smaller than your real, because mostly you want your Ayahoda sweater, primarily cardigans, business cardigans, to slightly copy your body and make you nicely even slimmer than you are. The patterns will expand.
If you want to buy a loose sweater, mostly for the autumn, winter, then the sweater´s measurements would be the same or larger than yours.

Please DO THIS before you order our knitwear – Find at your home a sweater, cardigan, that you like and fits you well. Winter loose sweater, or body copying cardigan. Place it on the floor as we on the picture here enclosed. Measure it under arms count double and the length. Then compare with our Ayahoda sweater, cardigan.

Mostly we do not write the length of the sleeves, you can see how they look on the pictures and usually we hand knit them a bit shorter, because after the washes they may get longer about 1cm, 0.5 inch. In case of Ayahoda women business cardigans, we hand knit them shorter so that people can see business women´s watches, bracelets. It looks nice and professional, than having sleeves over the palms.

Do you have any questions before placing an order?
Just let me know – [email protected]

Jana Yahoda

Hope this advice was helpful to you 🙂



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