AYAHODA™ Small Wild Birds Help Feeder

AYAHODA™ Small Wild Birds Help and AYAHODA™ Birds Feeder.

I am Nature lover and Nature saver all my life, I was raised like that.
Since 2020/3 I started my own AYAHODA Small Wild Birds Help project. I am still working as Business Consultant but only for those who contact me, I no more actively search for new clients because I want to spend my time also on this nice small birds help project.
Because since 2020/3 due to Coronavirus and my since childhood lungs disease I had to stay at home (thx. having garden and forest around) since Feb. 20th – I had to change my initial plan to place AYAHODA Bird Feeders anywhere in the nature, to organise trips, etc.

Why I invented small wild birds help project?
Every year we support Old Dogs in Shelters, but shelters get now state subsidies, so I wanted something new, fully mine, ours. We would still support Old Dogs in Shelters, but less.
– I like birds, having and making by myself bird feeders in every home I lived and live. Like to take pics of them.
– They are fast diminishing, some species are already unfortunately hard to see.

Would you join me in AYAHODA Small Wild Birds Help with special AYAHODA Birds Feeders?
– AYAHODA™ Bird Feeder is a symbol of AYAHODA™Small Wild Birds Help project
– It took me nearly a year of crocheting and testing with small birds mostly tit mice in our garden, I burned 28pcs, 7th prototype was final – best – which we are offering and selling now to make income to finance this project.

AYAHODA™ Small Wild Birds Help will be paid from the sale of AYAHODA™ Bird Feeders and also partially from all AYAHODA Handmade products offered in www.ayahoda.com Shop.

What is so great about AYAHODA™Small Birds Feeders?
– I invented it in cooperation with small wild birds 🙂
– it is handmade crocheted from 100% cotton 100% quality – handmade in EU, Europe, Czech Rep. not China
– small birds easily walk on it
– nice colors catch quickly their attention
– the holes are set up so they easily eat fat balls, not any other material like plastic, and the fat balls remain in it till last piece, not falling down from it
– you can refill it by new fat ball with nuts placing on the top of last small piece
– in winter, frost, it is better for birds to walk on frozen cotton than on frozen wire, or plastic
– 100% cotton is friendly to the nature, if it falls, it decays, not like plastic
– protect yout trees against pests – hang our bird feeders on each tree in your garden for the whole year – small birds will help your trees by eating insects, ants…it is WIN – WIN for both sides 🙂
AYAHODA™ Birds Feeders are for fat balls with black sunflower seeds & nuts – Dumplings, 80-90g each, we do not make them and sell, you have to buy them locally. I also buy them.

Why are small wild birds diminishing?
– More people everywhere – more dogs and cats who hunt them and their small chicks – in CZ every 2nd family have a dog or cat.
– People building „dead“ gardens with only green lawns, fancy green plants, no bushes where the birds can place their nests and protect their chicks, no blossoming plants to attract insects, the natural food for small birds, no fruit trees, vegetable beds, etc.
– Herbicides used on the fields in large amounts.
– Diminishing insects – basic food for small wild birds.

Would You join me?I am like a water drop in the sea, but the more we are, the more drops can create a sea 🙂
You can join me as a person or if you are a Retailer, Eshop Owner and would like to sell our special AYAHODA Birds Feeders and help me with this project, contact me at ayahodaart@gmail.com to get different price offer.
Anyone can buy them directly in www.ayahoda.com eshop.

Any Entrepreneur, Company Owner can be successful with respect and help to our nature.
And we as consumers should support these by buying their products instead of those who destroy our nature.

I would be so excited if this project will spread into other countries too.

You can find me/us at :
Instagram – knitwear.ayahoda (English)
Facebook – ayahodacz (in Czech)
YouTube – Ayahoda (in English)

Jana Yahoda – AYAHODA™
Email: ayahodaart@gmail.com

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If you own a retail store, stores, eshop and would like to sell our products, write us DM to ayahodaart@gmail.com. We will send you our catalogue with retail prices.

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AYAHODA™ Small Wild Birds Help.

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