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6 Points About – Reception is Wide Open Window Into The Company.

I am visiting many companies, state offices, as everybody. When I lead companies, I always took care also about our Reception. It is so important, it is wide open window into the company. Same as field Sales people, Customer Service, also Reception gives important messages to customers, visitors, about the company.

When I come into the Reception, I see and mostly also hear :
1 – How does Reception look
2 – What is the look of the Receptionist
3 – How she behaves to me (mostly is she)
4 – How she behaves generally
5 – How the people communicate together – receptionist +employees
6 – What is the job description of the receptionist

If I have to wait sitting on the chair, I start a small chat with receptionist…just by entering the Reception I get a lot of info 🙂

1 – what league of proffessional leve is the company – (my levels – 1st league – very good)
2 – what is the Company Owner, General Manager like
3 – what is the company´s team of people like
4 – due to my findings I event. adjust my mental preparation for the dealing with Company Owner or GM, because I already guess who he or she is

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