Unique Handmade Beaded Jewelry for Women

We design and handmake our unique Czech beaded jewelry necklaces for women using Czech glass and crystal beads. We are mainly a Retail supplier, but here we offer some beaded necklaces designs and women gift sets via Internet to individual customers.

Furthermore we design and hand knit women’s sweaters, knitwear, luxury lacy cardigans, leisure women’s knitwear, winter women’s knitwear. Our primarily focus is to support women´s self confidence, successful women, business women and elegant women. Ayahoda fashion is unique, timeless, highest quality of hand work and quality yarns and beads.

Once a while we offer here also some other our handmade products like Czech glass beaded bracelets, hand knitted women hats, cloches, etc.

Our Values

Highest quality

- Ayahoda designs of Czech glass beaded jewelry necklaces and women´s knitwear will last you for years. We make no compromises when it comes to quality.

Timeless design

- Fashion trends come and go, but Ayahoda offers you designs that will make you look amazing today, tomorrow and for many years to come.

Handmade with love

- Ayahoda products are created with love and care. We pay attention to every detail making each piece unique and so that every women will look in our products stunning.

Fair trade principles

- We choose our suppliers carefully and handmake all our products locally, most are hand made by Jana and Michaela, but due to some orders we have few well trained women to help us. We pay fair prices for hand work.

Our Products

Ayahoda Handmade Designed Czech Glass Beaded Women Jewelry Necklaces

We are mainly Retail Supplier of our Ayahoda designs of handmade Czech glass & crystal beaded jewelry necklaces and hand knitted women sweaters, cardigans. Few of Ayahoda designs of our Czech glass beaded jewelry necklaces and women gift packs are also available to individual customers via the Internet. If you are a Retailer interested in Ayahoda products, just let us know at [email protected] or fill out our contact form.

Ayahoda Handmade on Needles Designed Women Knitwear

We offer Ayahoda deisgns unique hand knitted on needles women's knitwear, women´s cardigans. Each Ayahoda design requires many days of careful hand-knitting, counting each stitch to make the patterns beautiful. Every single Ayahoda sweater, cardigan is a unique piece of art. Most of Ayahoda women´s sweaters are hand knitted by Jana, only if we have more orders at once we have few trained local women to help. Anyway we need several weeks especially for custom made orders.

My Story - Jana Yahoda

Jana Yahoda

Where do I come from?

I was born in Czechoslovakia in 1960, but since the age of 3 I travelled and lived with my parents abroad. Therefore I consider myself a mixture of cultures and I feel at home in Japan, Czech Republic, USA or India. My education is Engineer of Chemical Technology, having US MBA too 🙂

When I was 14 we moved back to Czechoslovakia where I still live today. However, since 1992 I worked for US corporations, from the bottom and since 1994 as Executive, later CEO for 2 countries, which enabled me again to travel all over the world and be in a daily contact with foreigners from all parts of the world, which was a great part of my life.

My passion for creating designs of hand knitting

When I was a child and we lived in India, my mom was knitting beautiful sweaters for us all the time. I wanted to learn it as well and I was 6 years old when I knitted my first easy shawl. Few years later I made my first sweater and I was hooked. It is a beautiful craft and relaxation, especially when I can create unique designs.

Later, when I was on maternity leave with my 2 kids our money was tight and therefore I wanted to generate some extra income to help our family budget. We were in socialist Czechoslovakia where you could not open any private business, it was even hard to find some external job – for some state company. With the help of my dad and due to my excelent hand knitting skills, I succeeded to work for one state cooperative, knitting for them on needles luxury sweaters for export. It was like a slavery, awfully paid, and tough 5 large and complicated sweaters a months, but I was happy to have the job. I also painted pictures on wood for sale, sewed and hand-knitted all the clothes for my family, but due to the regime I had to sell all in secret.

My passion for Czech Glass beaded jewelry

I love art and I enjoy any handcrafts. I studied University of Chemical Technology, became an expert in glass and ceramics. From there came my next love in women’s jewelry, especially unique Czech glass beaded and crystal jewelry. Again I create our unique Ayahoda designs.

From a USA corporate Executive, CEO career to the Ayahoda Handmade Art Studio

During my working life as a corporate Executive, hand knitting my designs of women’s sweaters, cardigans and making glass and crystal beaded jewelry was just my hobby. I made them for myself, some as presents, some for local sale on my hobby e-shop.

However, in 2009 at the age of 49, I made a big life change. No more corporate jobs, business trips all over the world, sitting in endless meetings. I moved from the town into the nature to enjoy gardening, minisheeps, dogs and I focused on business consultancy and my Art hobby – I opened AYAHODA Handmade Art Studio.

Over the time we grew into a small family business with my daughter Michaela who shares the passion for hand-made products. We both stick on "To enjoy our lives as much as possible."

We are delighted that we can offer you our Ayahoda Handmade Designed products and we are sure that they will bring you joy and let Your self confidence shine even more, or help in Your successful woman appearence.

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