AYAHODA Consulting
My soul is Sales, thanks to my dad who was a businessman, I made my first business deal with adult man at age of 6 in India – when my dad told me: „Oohm good Johnson“. My dad called me Johnson 🙂 I was born in Czechoslovakia, since 3 with parents in India, since 10 in Japan and at 14 communists ordered I must return to Czechoslovakia while rest of the family stayed more than year in Japan. I hated the country many years and planned to emigrate to US, which I finally didn´t do because of my family.
I started to work beside schools studies since age of 15, my work experience is very wide, different positions, companies, thanks to political change in 1989 I was till 2009 as Top Executive Manager at 3 US corporates, where I was hired to change the companies into growing in Sales & Profit, and beside I had my entrepreneurships, at different types of businesses. I sold my 2 entrepreneurships, 1 was destroyed by zero law enforcement in Czech R. Now I am at 4th. I faced Up & Downs few times in my life.

I am also one of the 1st Top Corporate Executives woman in Czech Rep. and maybe the only one with since age of 10 sleeping fatal lungs disease (which I got at the age of 7, parents were told max. 3 years of my life, and I with doctors manage it well by daily pills up to now) – I had never told anybody that I have it during my work as employee – they would never hire me 🙂

I am proffessional Manager.
My education – Engineer of Chemical Technology (specialist in Glass, Ceramics), MBA
Languages – US English, Czech, little German, Russian, Japanese

Since 2009 I work fully as Business Management Consultant, Advisor, Leadership Skills Coach & Mentor.
My goal is always increase of Sales & Profit.
My clients appreciate that I am not certified theoretist, or person having experience from 1 company, and still „in the loop“ of today´s business, know about social media, global trade change, etc. – no matter how old I am. I am crazy in learning new things, no matter I was born in 1960.
In 2018 I have sold my company AYAHODA Consulting s.r.o., but kept the brand name AYAHODA. Since then I invoice through my daughter´s entrepreneurship.
Each Entrepreneur, company owner, Top Manager must optimize costs, so do I.

My offer to Entrepreneurs, Company Owners, Top Managers:
Personal Business Leadership Coaching & Mentoring for Entrepreneurs, Company Owners, Top Managers
– Varios Business Projects related to Sales, Marketing (audits of Sales & Marketing – analysis + recommendations), HR – people management, motivational schemes, etc.
– OnlinE Programs – invented due to my experience, 3 types – Leadership Skills, Selling Skills, People Management.
Selling Skills Coaching, field coaching of SDs, KAMs, SReps
Trainings in Leadership Skills, Selling Skills
– Many times Company owner ask me: Can you help us with this? – And I answer Yes or No. So I have done many verios projects, even analysis of Czech Shopping Malls and recomendation for a best type.

Many times Entrepreneurs, Top Managers – Do Not Know that They Do Not Know.
Until they face some problem and contact me.
I strongly recommend every Entrepreneur, Company Owner – If you have 3 employees, people you manage – start learning and use Leadership Skills. It would bring you many benefits.

What I want from my clients? – a WILL to learn, to change old habits or implement new.
Without a WILL my consultancy is useless.

If you would like to contact me, just send me email to : ayahodaart@gmail.com
To be protected – I do not open any email links or attachments from new contacts.
Thank You for understanding.

AYAHODA Handmade
Since childhood I have many hobbies, mostly connected to art. I designed and made first apparels for my Barbies, then for myself, my family, and for sale.
I handknit and crochet since age of 5, sew from age of 9 for my Barbies. During maternity leave I handknitted women sweaters for export to Germany.
I designed and handknit my Business Sweaters, Cardigans and made Czech Glass Beaded Jewelry since about 1995, since 2001 I started to design and sell my products to people via eshop.
It keeps me in other business beside Consulting, Coaching, to know what is going on outside, for people wo sell products, no services.

AYAHODA Naturelovers
I and my daughter we are Naturelovers and Naturesavers. Living less consuming. Ecologists.
We use part of the profit of AYAHODA Handmade to finance our Ecology projects. Every year I ask certain Dogs Shelters what they need especially for older or sick dogs that nobody wants. And personally bring the stuff to them.
Since 2020 we started 2nd activity – AYAHODA Help Small Wild Birds. I also blog or write on social media about how to save the money, water, electric energy, go with your family for a trip into the nature, instead to shopping mall, etc.

Our Values
Satisfied Clients, Entrepreneurs, Company Owners, but also his /her majority of Employees.
Because running heathy good business is always about Numbers + People.
Satisfied Clients also regarding our AYAHODA Handmade quality products.

My since 7 years age fatal desease gave me a gift – I am not a common woman.
I never wanted to be rich, millionaire, billionaire with endless greed, I met few and they are not happy, mostly slaves of their businesses, I have no envy in myself, I just wanted as long as possible happy family life, healthy children, fulfill my dreams, have enough money to be free, for decent living and childrens schools. So far all goes well. No matter how much money I earn I am the same quite modest woman. Doctors are surprised that I am still alive and lungs not getting worse 🙂

I cooperate now with my daughter Michaela. We both stick on “To enjoy our lives as much as possible.” This is also what I coach my clients, not to forget about their personal life, family, kids, to work 24/7 only at the beginning not whole life.

If you are interested in any of our AYAHODA activities – AYAHODA Consulting, AYAHODA Handmade or AYAHODA Help just email me : ayahodaart@gmail.com
To be protected – I do not open any email links or attachments from new contacts.
Thank You for understanding.

Jana Yahoda

Jana Yahoda


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Offer for Retailers

If you own a retail store, stores, eshop and would like to sell our products, write us DM to ayahodaart@gmail.com. We will send you our catalogue with retail prices.

By any purchase you support
AYAHODA™ Small Wild Birds Help.

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