How to order Ayahoda sweaters, cardigans the best way.

Ayahoda Handmade Designed women sweaters cardigans how to order

How to Order Ayahoda Handmade Women Knitwear, Sweaters, Cardigans.
So far we had no claims, and we would like it to continue as much as possible. Satisfaction of our customers is a No. 1 for us. Nobody wants a hassle of sending products there and back worldwide.

If retail stores, women boutiques, order our Ayahoda sweaters, it is mostly easier, because they are experienced in such a business many years and they know how to order varios sizes.

But if a consumer, customer wants to order just for herself or as a gift for someone directly from our Ayahoda eshop, it is sometimes harder for them and people email us for help.

So after also many years of my experience –
I would suggest, please do this, before you place an order of sweaters, cardigans, on our eshop.
As you see on above picture, mostly we write at each sweater, cardigan description these 2 measurements. Width and length. They are by me the key. If the measurements are missing at the description, pls let us know, it can happen.
We also always write what aprox. sizes are the sweaters, but every woman has her own preferences. Some like some types of sweaters to be more loose, some like them more tight to the body – and that is why I am writing about these two measurements.

Width – we measure the sweaters under arms. Mostly this measurement is the same for whole sweater, or it is smaller in the waist. Under arms are also your breasts, different sizes.
Note – Sweater measurements must be mostly smaller than your regular mesurements, because mostly you want your Ayahoda sweater, primarily cardigans, business cardigans, to slightly copy your body nad make you nicely even slimmer than you are. The patterns will expand.
If you want to buy a loose sweater, mostly for the autumn, winter, then the sweater´s measurements would be the same or bigger than yours.

Length – From the arm to the bottom. This is for you as each woman has different height.

Please DO THIS before you order – Find at your home a sweater, cardigan, that you like and fits you well. Winter loose sweater, or body copying cardigan. Place it on the floor as we on the picture here enclosed. Measure it under arms and the length. Then compare with our Ayahoda sweater, cardigan.

Mostly we do not write the length of the sleeves, you can see how they look on the pictures and usually we hand knit them a bit shorter, because after the washes they may get longer about 1cm, 0.5 inch. In case of Ayahoda women business cardigans, we hand knit them shorter so that people can see business women´s watches, bracelets. It looks nice and professional, than having sleeves over the palms.

Do you have any questions before placing an order?
Just let me know – [email protected]


Hope this advice was helpful to you 🙂



AYAHODA Handmade Czech Glass Beaded Bracelets.

Ayahoda Handmade Glass Beaded Bracelets Retail Supplier

Here you can see on the picture just few of our Ayahoda designs of women Czech Glass Beaded Bracelets.
We do not offer and sell them in this eshop, because the postage would be expensive due to the price of the bracelet.

So we sell our Ayahoda Czech Glass Beaded Bracelets only through Retail stores.
AYAHODA Handmade Art Studio is Primarily Retail Supplier.

We make them on quality elastic string. It is practical, easy to wear on and off. 
Even when I (Jana) was a corporate CEO Executive, I preferred elastic string. Of course I bought abroad some with closings, but I think every woman faced the struggling to close the bracelet by herself, especially when being in a hurry.
But yes, we can make bracelets also with closings as necklaces, but only due to customer´s order requirement.

AYAHODA Handmade Art Studio – we offer and supply Retail stores with :
Ayahoda Handmade Designed Czech Glass Beaded Jewelry
Ayahoda Handmade Designed Women Sweaters, Cardigans

….to be more specific:
– Ayahoda designed Czech Glass Beaded Necklaces
– Ayahoda designed Hand Knitted Women Sweaters, Cardigans
– Ayahoda color to color sets of designed women cardigans + necklaces + bracelets
– Sets of color to color Ayahoda designed women necklaces + quality imported shawls
– Ayahoda designed women Czech Glass Beaded Bracelets
– Sets of Ayahoda designed women Sets of Necklaces + Bracelets

We are Art Studio, family business, mother & daughter, open and flexible to specific Retail stores requirements. We have the experience of international business, so you can rely on our services and professional behavior. We can handmake also larger quantities, but we have to get the order in time.

If you are interested in our products, or have any further questions, do not hesitate and write us an email on [email protected]  or  [email protected]

Looking forward to our cooperation.

Jana + Michaela

Help Dogs with AYAHODA Handmade Art Studio

Help Dogs with Ayahoda Handmade Women Knitwear Beaded Jewelry

Lets Help Dogs in Shelters in Czech Republic, where I currently live.
We would appreciate Your Help so that we can support more Dog Shelters.

We love Dogs  – me and my daughter.
Having at home always two dogs, they are members of our family, friends, kids, bodyguards. We had grey schneutzers and airdales. Now I have at home airdale Jeff and a shelter mix Eddie as you see photo below (German shepherd in love with spitz – who would be normally killed in SR)

Since 2019 – 7% of Ayahoda selling price with VAT from any type of our product we sell – goes to Help Dogs in Shelters with Ayahoda.
And if you order any of our products at the minimum value of 100 USD and more, we would give you as a gift in Czech Republic handmade, quality one Dog brooch, gold or silver color. You can choose during the order if you wish gold or silver color. Sorry, but we cannot produce in small amounts all types of dog breeds to send you the one you have at home.

In reality we would spend more money, because of our time to travel and negotiate with dog shelters, buying the blankets, treats, toys, negotiating the prices, etc. But due to Czech legal – we can add in our accounting only a value of the pure donation – prices of the products.
If you do not want to buy any of our offered AYAHODA Handmade products, but you would like to support our activity in Help Dogs with Ayahoda, you can choose in our eshop just the Help Dogs with Ayahoda brooch and buy it. In that case we would spend 40% of the price on Help Dogs. The rest are the cost, bank charges..

I think that each of us is able to do something good for the nature and those who cannot help themselves.
Even a small drop of help is a help for the future of this planet, nature, flora, fauna and our children
I do not like people focused only to build their wealth even they destroy the nature, animals…just for their greed. Also some companies, who are hypocritical, having logos like being Green, Sustainable, sending tiny money as donations, but on the other hand they destroy nature, animals, having huge palm tree plantations, etc. The profit and greed is No. 1 no matter what the future of the planet would be.

I and my daughter, we love nature, protect animals, birds and every year (more than 10 years) we buy and support from our own money few dog shelters with dog treats and especially with warm blankets.
The dogs are mostly in outside kennels, but the temperature during the winters in Czech Republic are up to minus 15-25°C (up to 2- minus 18°F).
Those of you who love dogs, have your own dogs at home, you know that it depends on certain breed and their fur, some are OK with winter frost other suffer and can even die. There are also many older dogs, unwanted, who spend rest of their lives in the shelters.

In Czech Republic there are many dogs, it is said that every second family have a dog pet. Positive is that Czechs in majority do not eat dogs. Negative is that the good law to protect animals from bad treatment or torture is still missing. The punishments if they find those bastards are ridicilous or none.
There are many shelters, mostly dependent on state subsidies and people donations. They certainly do not have such money and conditions as in Western, developed countries.

We never give any cash money to dog shelters, because we cannot be sure what will happen with it – unfortunately people in this country steal a lot and nearly everything what you can imagine (as I can compare due to my living in other countries and travel). That is why we choose dog shelters and we write something on the warm blankets to avoid their resale.

If this project will run well, then we have a next dream, second idea regarding dogs from the shelters.
Well, for now we would see if this our 1st idea – Help Dogs in Shelters with Ayahoda – would succeed.

We give treats and warm blankets to the chosen dog shelters in the autumns Sept. – Nov. – and we would place photos on AyahodaArt Instagram, Facebook and this website blog. So you can see where the money went, how many dogs got a present from us.

Would You join us in Help Dogs in Shelters with Ayahoda?

Jana Yahoda & Michaela
below our boys Airdale Jeff & Shelter mix Eddie

AYAHODA Designed Handmade Luxury Women Knitwear, Sweaters, Cardigans, Business and Business Casual Knitwear, Cardigans.

I mostly design handmade sweaters, cardigans for successful women, Business women, Elegant women. Our AYAHODA hand knitted knitwear on needles, especially luxury lacy cardigans are suitable for Business Dress Code and Business Casual Dress Code.

AYAHODA designed women knitwear is for every woman who is looking for unique knitwear, eye catchy, elegant, longlasting, in highest quality of hand knit and yarns.

We show here only few designs of our women handknit knitwear, which every woman can afford. Others we sell through Retail stores, special women wear boutiques, or directly to customers as tailored made.

We offer AYAHODA Handmade Designed Women Hand Knit Knitwear:

Ready made women knitwear- for immediate order, sale

  • I design and hand knit ready handmade women sweaters, cardigans

Custom made, tailored made women knitwear:

  • Customer can choose some of our designs and let us know what size and what color she wants – and it would be handknitted for Her
  • I draw and handknit unique designs for Business Women, per order, custom made which would highlight their personality or even suits to special event. For Business dress code or Business Casual dress code
  • I draw and handknit designs of women knitwear, sweaters, cardigans per boutique´s request

AYAHODA Handmade Designed Luxury Women Cardigans, women knitwear are:

When customers and people see our hand knitted women Cardigans in reality, they are blown away by the quality of the handwork. All the stitches are just like one like another. It is a handwork on needles, crocheted with hook, every stitch carefully watched on paper pattern grid.

AYAHODA designs, our women Cardigans are pieces of art, you would not find 2 same.

My over 40 years of practice. I even invented few things to make handknit women cardigan even nicer. One AYAHODA Handmade women cardigan, tailored made, is aprox. 1 month of work. Depends on patterns complexity and yarn thickness. The thinner the yarn and more complex the pattern, the longer time of hand knitting.

We focus also on successful women, Business Women Knitwear, Cardigans.

This is due to my over 15 years experience as a corporate Top Executive, where I hand knitted my Business Casual knitwear, cardigans.

We are a Fair trade and hate Animals cruelty

We are always looking for high quality of yarns and fair trade suppliers, We love animals so we try (you can never be 100% sure) that the yarns come from well treated animals.
We are a Fair trade, if we have more orders and have to ask our well trained ladies to help us with hand knitting we always pay them nice, interesting, fair price, due to country average salary.

AYAHODA Handmade women sweaters, cardigans do not change the shape after washing.

I invented special yarn treatment for AYAHODA Handmade sweater, cardigans. Every yarn ball from the supplier is treated before we start to hand knit. Some of you may have experienced, that you bought a quite expensive women sweater and after first wash it totally changed the shape. If you would follow our instructions, our AYAHODA Handmade knitwear will last many years.

I have one of my AYAHODA business cardigan already over 12 years and it still looks great.

Unique, Special Gift for Your Wife, Spouse, Mother, Daughter.

Not only women, but also men, husbands, Business Executives, order as a present for their wives, for some special occasions, anniversary, birthday, wedding, etc. our AYAHODA Handmade Women Knitwear. We will give you an easy guidence how to get us the dimensions without your loved one knowing it.

If you are interested in our unique sweaters, cardigans, or have a question, just let us know on email [email protected]


AYAHODA Handmade, Designed, High Quality, Czech Real Glass and Crystal Women Jewelry Necklaces.

In our AYAHODA Handmade Art Studio, we design and hand make unique women jewelry, mainly necklaces, less bracelets. Highest quality is a must for us. We are unique designed women glass beaded jewelry hand producer.

Our main focus is on one row necklaces. I started to make them in 1992 for myself to fit in with my women executive corporate business suits, later also for sale, first only to business women, executives, women top managers, office ladies.

You can see bellow a photo how I started to design and hand craft our glass jewelry many years ago, on well known bead design board. Later I invented myself much better and practical one which I cannot show here because of competition.

After few years of sales it became obvios that nearly every women like our AYAHODA Handmade Czech Real Glass Jewelry, every woman, not just office ladies, but also cool teens, chic ladies, etc. can find in our designs some which she likes.

The shine that lasts for decades

We handmake jewelry in the highest quality, not cheap and poor quality. Our AYAHODA jewelry can be inherited, it would stay the same for many years. Our jewelry has a few extra benefits, by which we can always recognize our jewelry among others.

Personally I do not like to buy cheap plastic or fake glass jewelry from esp. Asia which loose the shine soon, chains are health questionable, getting soon grey or black. I made sometimes this mistake and had to throw it away soon. Problem is that sometimes I can see in the stores that this type of beaded jewelry is not even cheap, but many people probably do not recognize that it is a fake jewelry.

Czech glass with hundreds years of history

I like quality and real glass, shining Czech beads which last forever.

Czech production of real glass beads has hundreds years of history, started in times of Roman Empire.

I have some Czech real glass beaded necklaces from my mum and now, nearly 30 years later they are the same, beautiful. So we handmake at the same quality.

I do buy personally varios Czech real glass beads from well known Czech production companies and also individuals who make them even semi handmade or handmade.

The metal parts are also from Czech company that has to declare according to EU law that they sell health-safe quality metal parts.

Our AYAHODA Handmade, unique designed Czech real glass jewelry necklaces are also nice gifts for Her. For daugther, mum, spouse, fiance.

Here at the website you can see only some designs, others are sold through retail stores, shops worldwide.
Unfortunately today’s cameras or cell phones are still not able to make such a picture of our jewelry to see the different shapes of beads, their shine – or I don´t know how to do it :-). Our glass jewelry is 100% more beautiful if you see it in reality.

We are preferably Retail stores Supplier worldwide, but we show here some of our AYAHODA Handmade Jewelry designs (and knitwear) for direct online sale.

If you own a retail store, women fashion shop, boutique or nice convenience store and you are thinking of possibly selling our AYAHODA Handmade jewelry or knitwear, please let me know on email [email protected] We have of course special offers  for Retail stores.

Website signature of Jana Yahoda
Jana Yahoda

AYAHODA Handmade – Art Studio
Jana Yahoda
company owner & designer

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