Ayahoda Small Wild Birds Help

AYAHODA™ Small Wild Birds Help projekt a AYAHODA™ Small Wild Birds Help ptačí krmítko, které jsem vymyslela. – In Czech

Mám ráda přírodu, a jsem i její celoživotní ochránce. Od r. 2020 jsme začali projekt AYAHODA™ Small Wild Birds Help – Pomoc a ochrana malých ptáčků v přírodě. Proč malí ptáci? – Mám ráda ptactvo, v každém bydlení jsem měla a mám ptačí krmítko – Rychle mizí z přírody, některé druhy už je dnes těžké

Ayahoda Business Leadership Coach Mentor

6 Points About – Reception is Wide Open Window Into The Company.

I am visiting many companies, state offices, as everybody. When I lead companies, I always took care also about our Reception. It is so important, it is wide open window into the company. Same as field Sales people, Customer Service, also Reception gives important messages to customers, visitors, about the company. When I come into

Ayahoda Handmade Designed women sweaters cardigans how to order

How to order Ayahoda Handmade sweaters, cardigans the best way.

How to Order Ayahoda Handmade Women Knitwear, Sweaters, Cardigans.So far we had no claims, and we would like it to continue as much as possible. Satisfaction of our customers is a No. 1 for us. Nobody wants a hassle of sending products there and back worldwide. After many years of my experience –I suggest, please

Ayahoda Small Wild Birds and Dogs in Shelters Help

AYAHODA Help Dogs in Shelters and Small Wild Birds.

We are Nature lovers, Nature savers  – me and my daughter.Having at home always two dogs, as members of our family, friends, kids, bodyguards. We respect and help the nature as we can – live less consuming, sorting waste, grow some food in our garden, save frogs, help birds, help small hedgehogs before winter, etc.

Ayahoda Handmade Designed Business Women sweater

AYAHODA Designed Handmade Luxury Women Knitwear, Sweaters, Cardigans, Business and Business Casual Knitwear, Cardigans.

I mostly design handmade sweaters, cardigans for successful women, Business women, Elegant women. Our AYAHODA hand knitted knitwear on needles, especially luxury lacy cardigans are suitable for Business Dress Code and Business Casual Dress Code. This is due to my over 15 years experience as Corporate Top Executive Manager, where I hand knitted my Business

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