AYAHODA™ Small Birds Feeders -4pcs – F0002G


Weight 40 g

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If you have a garden, place them on your trees, each tree 1 AYAHODA Bird Feeder – you will help small birds, they will help your trees naturally from pests.
Or if you have small birds in the cage, place it there, it is also fun for them.
AYAHODA Small Birds Feeders last outside long time, no matter of snow, frost, rain.

By purchase of AYAHODA™ Birds Feeders or any product of AYAHODA Handmade you´d support AYAHODA™ Small Wild Birds Help & Old Dogs in Shelters Help.

Handmade by me or other Czech women in CZ (EU), to support my project. Local hand production, 100% quality.
Hand crocheted from pure 100% cotton, safe for people, nature and birds.

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